Do you need the Internet to just work for you all the time? We’ll take care of it, and everything that goes with it!

Full-Managed-Service at a fixed price


Fast and efficient connection


Wireless flexibility throughout the company


Fast connection without disruptive factors


Reliable protection of your data traffic

A flawlessly functioning network that adapts flexibly to a company's needs is the foundation of every company's success. Security and availability are the focus of the requirements. At the same time, we believe that integrated network solutions must simply work for our customers and robust connectivity must be guaranteed. commehr network service combines all these required components as a fully managed service at a fixed price.

Benefit from it

You receive a detailed consultation from one of our experts and also an individual offer.

We take care of the entire process: from right sizing, to the expansion of the wireless network.

When your company grows your infrastructure grows flexible with it. cNS is easily scalable.

We monitor your entire infrastructure and will be proactive in the event of challenges without needing to be on site.

We only use enterprise hardware, wich is more maintenance-free and adaptable than traditional hardware.

flexible runtime and transparent cost: you pay only for what you need.

Are you struggling with the following problems?
Our solution: commehr network service
"My calls are being continually interrupted."
Are you sitting in an important video call and the connection is not good enough to conduct the meeting properly?
"I can't get onto the Wi-Fi!"
Do you or your guests have problems connecting to the wireless network?
"Cables everywhere. It's driving me insane!"
Is your office a just cable spaghetti and a trip hazard?

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